Whether you have a party to plan or just want some really good appetizers to make for your family, Your Home, Made Healthy has great options that are both easy and healthy. Snackable, cravable, and easily transportable, these apps are a real crowd-pleaser!

Cranberry apple salad in a black bowl with feta and slices of apples on top.
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Apple Cranberry Salad with Feta and Candied Pecans

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Spread the love!Apple cranberry salad with feta and candied pecans is a festive, healthy way to celebrate the fall season. With bright and wholesome seasonal flavors, this salad highlights all the best fall harvest foods. From apples and cranberries to toasted, slightly candied pecans, each bite is filled with a nutty, sweet, but also mildly […]

matzo ball soup in a white bowl on top of a white plate
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Matzo Ball Soup

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Spread the love!For as long as I can remember, matzo ball soup has been the answer to almost any problem. Feeling sick? Matzo ball soup. Cold rainy weather? Matzo ball soup. Holiday dinner? Matzo ball soup. Surprise visit from out-of-state relatives? Hurry up and defrost the matzo ball soup stashed in the freezer. No matter […]