Holidays surrounded by food are some of my favorite! Mirroring the seasons, I love to create recipes with seasonal ingredients in mind. These holiday favorites are fresh and healthy, but still allow you to celebrate in style.

cut cinnamon apple noodle kugel on a cooling rack with 3 forks.
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Cinnamon Apple Noodle Kugel

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Spread the love!Cinnamon apple noodle kugel is truly the life of any brunch party. With it’s sweet, cinnamony flavor, crunchy topping, and soft decadent noodley layers, it’s a unique treat that should never get left off the breakfast table. This creamy noodle pudding may sound peculiar, but trust me, if you’ve never tried kugel before, […]

matzo ball soup in a white bowl on top of a white plate
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Matzo Ball Soup

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Spread the love!For as long as I can remember, matzo ball soup has been the answer to almost any problem. Feeling sick? Matzo ball soup. Cold rainy weather? Matzo ball soup. Holiday dinner? Matzo ball soup. Surprise visit from out-of-state relatives? Hurry up and defrost the matzo ball soup stashed in the freezer. No matter […]