My Personal Food Philosophy

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I realize you might be thinking “wait a minute, this says Your Home, Made ‘Healthy‘ — why am I seeing recipes with full fat ingredients, like butter and sour cream, or cupcake recipes with pure sugar and flour?” 

Well, that’s because I have a unique philosophy on food and health.

Alana in her kitchen with her laptop and cupcakes

As an Anthropology major at the University of Michigan, I studied the human digestive tract as it evolved through time. To put it simply, there has not been enough evolutionary time to teach the body how to digest processed foods. Foods made in factories are still too new for us to digest and they throw many biological rhythms out of whack.

Unbelievably, though, we have evolved to eat ALL kinds of meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables. That’s why the types of food that your body consumes, as well as where it comes from is very important. Restricting fats and carbohydrates or counting calories and macronutrients is not necessary as long as the meals you are eating are made with fresh ingredients. Foods mainly from nature and NOT from food-processing factories are the healthiest for you.

Your Home, Made Healthy’s recipes are not based on a diet or health plan. Instead, they are composed of fresh ingredients with as few additives as possible.

In creating recipes from scratch with ingredients found in nature, health will no longer be comprised of calories and macronutrients nor will it come from deprivation. Instead, by following Your Home, Made Healthy’s recipes, health will be developed over time.

Enhancing your relationship with food, utilizing fresh ingredients, creating wholesome recipes, finding the joy in cooking, and sharing meals with those you love will greatly enhance your overall wellbeing.

That being said, health is multifaceted and complicated, but food in all its glory (not just it’s nutrition facts and labels) can help simplify making your home healthy. Since Your Home, Made Healthy is not a health plan that you follow for a short period of time, it is much more sustainable in the long run than a restrictive diet. It is a way of life.

In preaching my food philosophy, I want to inspire you to create meals for your family that you are proud of. Meals that are easy to make, you can’t wait to dig into, and don’t make you feel guilty about grabbing a second helping.

By following my recipes and using better ingredients, I am confident that I can help you have a home, made healthy too.

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